Sunday, June 29, 2008


Our trip to China had us arriving at the new airport in Beijing that has just recently opened. It is referred to as Terminal 3. The new Terminal 2 is in Shanghai (we flew into that as well). Terminal 1 is in China's largest city, Chongquing, the one we used to know as Chung King.
These airports are part of the country's program of building 108 new airports between 2004 and 2009. Wisconsin has only one city approaching a million in population. China has 100 cities in excess of 1 million.
Terminal 3 in Beijing is equipped to handle 43 million passengers annually in it's present form. They intend to continue to expand it to be able to hand 55 million annually by 2015. One thing we noticed is that despite it's size, the airport is designed to keep passenger's walking distances to a minimum. An old dude such as myself appreciates the design.

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