Saturday, June 28, 2008


In the fall 2007 I became very upset with my cable TV provider. Not only had I been experiencing repeated service outages, some during Green Bay Packer games, they refused to carry the new NFL network. This resulted in my missing some Packer games completely. That was the last straw!
I made the switch to a satellite company and not only got my Packer games, I was also pleasantly surprised by some of the specialty channels that were provided. Among these was CCTV-9 , the English language channel broadcast from China. Their news broadcasts gave me a new perspective on world events. Their cultural and travel programs were a great preparation for my trip to China as well as a tool for better understanding of China, the Chinese history & culture, and the new perspectives in the country with the relaxing and elimination of most controls imposed by the Cultural Revolution. I watch it frequently, and now with an enhanced understanding since my trip.
You can access the stations website at
(Note: You have to click on the CCTV image in the center of the screen, and then click on "ENGLISH" in the upper left hand corner to get the English version of their website).
Live broadcasts are available on the web at

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